Blogger outreach done the right way

June 26, 2014 by Inkybee 2 comments

Blogger outreach often receives bad press due to the bad practices of those doing it.

Well, it's time to highlight some people who get it right.

Denver based digital agency, V9SEO, applied the ethical, tailored approach that we strongly advocate to deliver a successful outreach campaign for their client.

Their client was the Californian ski resort of Mountain High. They delivered on their brand objectives and were able to objectively review the great results of the campaign with V9SEO.

And it was all done using Inkybee.

Here's how they did it:

And here's what the V9SEO account team said about Inkybee:

  • "Using InkyBee became an invaluable resource in the initial stages of our influencer identification."
  • "Being able to reference blogger contacts and results will continue to assist us in future campaigns."
  • "The Inkybee Support Team is amazing!"

Job well done all round is what we'd say!

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