60 of the best global PR blogs

July 24, 2013 by Inkybee 36 comments

50-listToday, after lots of messing around with data, we're please to be publishing an Inkybee view of 60 of the best PR blogs in the world.

Why? Well, everyone loves a list. And, there are certainly a few of similar lists about at the moment. But, as far as we're concerned, the primary reason for doing this it to experiment a bit with the powerful technology behind Inkybee.

Last month Cision published a list of their Top 50 PR blogs and earlier this year PRWeek published their "Powerbook" of the most influential practitioners in the UK PR industry.

We're not competing with these publications and we're definitely not proclaiming that this list is the definitive list of the best 60 public relations blogs on the planet. Quite the opposite. We recognise that this is a subjective process and ranking could be done in many different ways. We have been through a rigorous, objective methodology which we've detailed separately, but it can never be definitive. Plus, we have focussed sharply on "Public Relations" to the exclusion of blogs with wider coverage of marketing and social media.

Inkybee databases have hundreds of thousands of blogs in them and at no point are we going to start artificially allocating a score to them and pronouncing which ones are the best blogs. We let our users decide that by providing them with the necessary data to decide for themselves based on audience reach, levels of engagement, posting frequency, social media followers, SEO metrics and more.

What this list does do is demonstrate the power of Inkybee to assimilate relevant blogs according to a 'linguistic fingerprint' of a subject matter and present them for discussion.

We'd love your opinions on the list, the ranking factors and what other blogs should be included, so please add them in the comments.

We might also publish further lists depending on your feedback. We could make separate lists of 'agency' blogs, country specific PR blogs, the top "magic middle" PR blogs, top SEO blogs, maybe social media blogs, and obviously many more. If you have ideas for other lists that you'd like to see, just let us know in the comments!


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